Dear Sponsor,

I am very happy to contact you with a great opportunity for your company to sponsor this amazing project “We want you to support our troops 2012 calendar”. This project will donate the majority of donations to a charity that help our troops and veterans. We want to show our veterans and troops that we appreciate the hard work they put in on a daily basis.
Some of Miami’s best in the modeling and entertainment industry have come together to produce  calendars, posters, POS material, that will reflect what our troops go through in training. A marketing campaign will take place to help promote this great project. A viral campaign, along with local media outlets will broadcast a commercial that will promote our products, sponsors and people involved in the project.  We will also have our sponsor’s banners on our site with
All the benefits derived from the sponsorship programs will go towards the production of the calendar and to support the cause to help and make a difference in our troops lives. We would be happy to share all the information with you once you’re ready to contact us. We hope that you will join us in our movement to make a difference for our troops.

Yours sincerely,

We want you to help Team

Founder/President Andrea Calle

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