We Want You to Help mission is to build partnership with people in the entertainment business to create civic leadership, social awareness and support to the most needed. It is through our actions and example that we can all make a difference in other people’s lives. We want to engage citizens with projects, social events, technology and more to raise funds to benefit the common good, help the ones in need, and develop young leaders of the next generation.

As a nonprofit corporation, WWYTH seeks to create, support and disseminate programs of distinction that foster…

Guided by its mission, We Want You to Help, a registered non profit corporation, will become the mean to join the entertainment community and society by creating, attracting, serving current and future generations as a modern, relevant and inclusive organization, that will use its talent and positive influence to raise funds and support different charities, .

To achieve this goal, We Want You To Help will:

  • Create projects, events and services of exceptional quality that serve the needs of our patrons
  • Increase its focus on children, young adults and young families, cancer awareness, veterans and troops
  • Continue to serve the changing needs of the senior population
  • Seek to increase the global reach of our institution
  • Create new opportunities that support our mission by leveraging all of our assets
  • Offer patrons a physical and technological environment of the highest quality that supports our programs

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